Why Do We Choose Vacuum Fried Vegetables?

publisher: Amanda Li
Time: 2016-11-30
Summary: Vacuum frying is a good option, to achieve high quality dried products with better colors and flavors due to the reduced oxidation, lower frying temperatures and much shorter processing times compared with other techniques.

Vacuum Frying Benefits

  Vacuum frying is an excellent alternative to conventional frying which offers significant benefits such as the improvement of fried product safety and quality and reduced oil oxidation because of the low-temperature processing.

  Vacuum frying is a deep-fat frying process, which is carried out in a closed system, below the atmospheric pressure, substantially reducing the boiling point of water and, hence, the frying temperature. The low frying temperatures and minimal exposure to oxygen are responsible for most of the benefits of the fried products, which include nutrient preservation, oil quality protection, and reduction in toxic compound generation.

  Most of the benefits of vacuum frying from the low temperatures used and the minimal exposure to oxygen, which reduces the adverse effects on the oil quality, preserves the natural colour and flavour, decreases the acrylamide content, and preserves nutritional compounds, such as vitamins and minerals.

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