3 Reasons to Choose Freeze-Dried Fruit

publisher: Laurie
Time: 2016-12-05

There are many reasons we love freeze-dried fruit, but here are our top 3:

1- On-the-go ease

Freeze-dried fruit has a shelf life of 18 months.The airtight packaging gives you year-round availability to any fruit, even when it’s not in season. If you’re low on groceries and can’t get to the store, freeze-dried fruit is a healthy alternative to fresh.

You can use freeze-dried fruit as a quick way to pack another fruit serving into yogurt, oatmeal, trail mix or dry cereal. It’s easy to mix a handful into breads, muffins or desserts too. Other ideas include: a healthy snack between meals, grabbing a freeze-dried mix when you’re late and need breakfast, for sports games, hiking or school lunches. The possibilities are endless!

2- It keeps most of its nutritional benefits

Over all other drying methods, freeze-dried fruit maintains its structure and nutrition best. Not only can you count on the essential fiber and antioxidants that are locked in, freeze-dried fruit also maintains 95+% of its nutritional value.

3- No added extras in your fruit 

When it comes to freeze-dried fruit (like our new Homegrown Organic freeze-dried fruit line), you can be sure you’re getting the whole fruit and nothing but the fruit. Most freeze-dried fruit has no sugar added, and no preservatives or oils. The freeze-drying process concentrates the sweetness of the fruit for excellent flavor. No preservatives. No sugar. Just pure fruit, in a perfectly crunchy form.

Freeze-dried: the next best thing to fresh

You simply can’t beat freeze-dried fruit for its convenience. Its portability and year-round availability make it top dog in the organic snack category. Its crunchy texture could help add fruit servings for picky eaters, or maybe persuade someone to try new fruits that he/she wouldn’t eat fresh.

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