Why should the chocolate manufacturer use freeze dried fruit for chocolate?

Time: 2017-03-08

  FD fruit is a kind of dried fruit, keeps the original color, flavor of fresh fruit, and taste crispy, it can be put on the surface of your chocolate to improve your chocolate appearance level, rich flavor and taste, like this

It is so beautiful, isn’t it?

In this way, your chocolate can attract more and more people, and this chocolate price is much higher than traditional chocolate, your sales increased quickly can be touched.

Let us make a example,

100g Sample


Chocolate cost

FD fruit cost

Cost rate

Traditional Chocolate





FD Strawberry chocolate





In China market,

import tradition chocolate 100g in normal level, sales price round $7, raw material cost round $1,

FD strawberry chocolate 100g, like Chocome, sales price is $14-$18, chocolate part cost we still take it as $1, for FD strawberry slice, you put 20-30pcs is enough, price is about $0.12-$0.18.

It means, you only need to add $0.12-$0.18 cost, but sale price can be rise 100% at least.


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