FareShare Cymru's 1.5 million meals from surplus food

Time: 2017-06-27

A charity that redistributes unwanted food from manufacturers and retailers say they handed out enough to make 1.5 million meals in south Wales last year.

FareShare Cymru in Cardiff, has been helping 45 frontline groups, including homeless shelters, women's refuges and breakfast clubs.

All the food is perfectly safe to eat but faces going to waste.

However, the charity said demand is continuing to grow - and it needs more suppliers and volunteers to help.

"We're redistributing enough food to provide more than one-and-a-half-million vulnerable people with a square meal every single year, which is an incredible achievement," said the south Wales manager, Sarah Germain.

"The food we deliver is of excellent quality and is surplus for a whole number of reasons ranging from incorrect barcoding to over-production - never because it is out of date.

One of the charities that has benefitted from the FareShare donations is the Moorland Road Community Centre in Cardiff, which offers support for older people from Splott, Tremorfa and Pengam Green.

They provide daily meals for anyone over the age of 50.

"Before we had FareShare we were buying food from the supermarkets and our local butcher which would cost us around £300 per week," said the centre manager, Dorothy Templeman.

"FareShare has saved us a significant amount of money on our food bills compared to that. They offer an amazing service which is vital in supporting our core operation; it makes such a big difference."

But the charity's organisers said they still need to secure new suppliers to meet ever growing demands for their services across south Wales.

They have also appealed for new volunteers to come forward to help pack and deliver the food it receives.

"It's a great feeling knowing that as well as tackling food waste we're getting nutritious food to local charities who do a tremendous amount of good," added Ms Germain.

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