FD Fruit Features and introductions

Time: 2017-06-28

 FD Fruit, refers to the fruit raw materials at -50 ℃ low temperature quickly frozen to maintain its original organizational structure, and then frozen raw materials placed in a vacuum chamber for dehydration. 

Low temperature freeze-drying technology can maximize the retention of all the nutrients, taste and color of raw materials, and different from the ordinary dehydration, pickled and fried products, is completely without any additives, health food.

1.Fresh: seasonal fruit picking immediately after the freeze, to avoid long-term storage of fruit and multiple logistics caused by nutrient consumption, than the supermarket and fruit shop inventory of fruit healthier.

2.Excellent: selection of domestic and foreign top fruit varieties, layers of strict selection of screening, years of mature freeze-dried production technology, all products have to go through 489 export-level inspection, quality can see.

3.Should: to avoid the fresh fruit of the cold and clean the preservation of the complicated process, easy to travel or gift to carry, even the patient, pregnant women or physiophobic girls can also be assured consumption.

4.Crisp fruit crisp for the crowd: all ages

5.Crispy fruit crackers   

Storage conditions: room temperature sealed light storage

6.Share the scene: breakfast dinner, office afternoon tea, travel leisure

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