Strawberry bargain story goes viral

Time: 2017-08-02

A supermarket shopper has become the self-proclaimed "king of the yellow stickers" after purchasing punnets of strawberries worth £16 for 80p.

Will Strutt, 25, from Heybridge, Essex, posted on Tesco's Facebook page about his experience in the reduced fruit and veg aisle in the Maldon branch.

The supermarket replied with a poem, saying they were "not worthy to bask in your glory and fruitful findings".

The post has attracted hundreds of comments, the Essex Chronicle reported.

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Mr Strutt said his fruity bounty was put to good use as dessert for his family, with the remaining strawberries being frozen for use in breakfasts.

His post claimed "minstrels will write songs about this day", and went on to recount the rivalry he had with a "rival dad" who also had en eye out for the yellow sticker gun labelling items as reduced.

'Dear Mr Tesco'

"Then I saw it, in all its golden aura, the promised land," he wrote.

"The previously empty reduced fruit and veg hotspot contained a tray of strawberries, not 25% off, not 50% off but 10p... a box!"

He told Tesco: "You enjoy that 80p, buy yourself something nice & treat yourself.

"For today you levelled me up and my newly upgraded bargain skills will no doubt allow me to live like a king for the rest of my days."

In response, Tesco made a poem out of the tale of his experience.

"But there is one question left / For bargaining is an art / With all the fruit you have now / Will you make Pimms or Tart?," it read.

Mr Strutt said he had not expected such a response, thinking he would "only get ribbed by friends and family".

The post went on to gain more than 2,400 Facebook likes and hundreds of shares and comments.

"We ended up having a bit of back and forth," he said. "I was very impressed with the way they handled it - it showed the less corporate side of things."

Mr Strutt is now planning on creating more posts as his regal bargain-hunting character with the aim of "making people smile and having fun".

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