What are the benefits of freeze dried fruit?

Time: 2017-08-16

Dried fruits such as currantscranberries and prunes offer health benefits. While fresh fruits such as blueberries are the go-to for antioxidant power, dried fruits and herbs such as Goji berriesDragon fruitIndian gooseberries and peppermint may provide higher antioxidant activity.

Studies suggest that certain dried fruits may help fight cancercholesterol and insomnia. Daily dried appleconsumption may promote cardiovascular health, and raisins are associated with a lower risk of premature birth and increased satiety levels in children, which could help with weight management.

Indian gooseberries may be the highest antioxidant snack on earth. It may also help with diabetes and lower cholesterol.

Avoid sulfites by choosing organic dried fruit. Although Amla has not been found to be contaminated with heavy metals, other fruit-based ayervedic supplements like triphala have.


Dried fruit is different from fresh fruit, it not only retains the original luster, taste. But also in the production process is safe, green, healthy. Applicable to all groups, high nutritional value, the scope of use is also extensive.

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