A taste of Mosuo flavor

From: China Daily
Time: 2017-10-01

Pipa pork

It is a type of cured meat which is one of the most important Mosou dishes and locals commonly serve this dish to guests or special friends. It is made from an entire pig with viscera and bones having first been discarded and then smeared with various seasonings within. The Mosuo people used to prepare this dish in late winter, and stored the cured pig in a cool and well-ventilated place. The prepared pork would take the shape of pipa (Chinese lute), which gives its name: Pipa pork.

Sulima wine

Sulima wine is a traditional wine of the Mosuo people. It is made from a mixture of various grains, including highland barley, barley, buckwheat and corn. The grain complex is cooked and dried and then mixed with home-made yeast. Sulima alcohol is ready to drink after about 10 days' steeping and then mixing with mountain spring water. With a light orange color, it has a low alcohol content and an inviting flavor. It is known as "Mosuo beer" for its rich amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates. For the Mosuo and Nami people, it is a premium choice with which to treat their guests.

Guangdang wine

Guangdang is one of the wines that Mosuo people used to drink or serve to guests. To prepare it, the locals will first cook the corn, wheat and barley, then mix with distiller's yeast and store it in sealed pots. The wine tastes mild but actually has a strong delayed effect. Do not drink too much, or you will get inebriated and fall to the ground in "Guangdang"-an onomatopoeic term in Chinese to describe the sound when somebody falls over.

Pickled pear

Pickle pear is a unique pickle in Lugu Lake. The pickled pears are ready to serve by sealing them into pots with salt, alcohol, ginger, garlic, spices and water for about a month. They taste both sour and sweet, distinguished by their crispy and fragrant taste. The pickled pear is an ideal appetizer for the local people.

Roasted dry fish

This is made from one of the local fishes called Bayu and is prepared with salt and spices, then roasted over a fire. No matter whether you bake or boil it; the lingering taste is mouth-watering. It goes very well with wine.

Green thorn fruit oil

Green thorn fruit oil is made from the green thorn fruit, a type of wild plant. Featuring a crystal golden color and fragrant taste, it enjoys a lot of popularity among both the locals and tourists. In addition to its delightful taste, it is good for those who suffer from stomach problems and hypertension. For external use, it is also used to care for traumatic injuries.

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