Dehydrated fruit and vegetable dry "original flavor" that is healthy "dehydration into dry" the main method is fried

Time: 2017-09-11

Since this year the implementation of the national food nutrition labeling system, many consumers of food nutrition and food safety awareness has been significantly improved: know how to look at the label, and know the trans fatty acids and transgenic ... ... but at the same time, some businesses But also take advantage of the consumer knowledge of food "know nothing about" the opportunity to fight "organic", "rich selenium", "no added" and other nutritional safety "concept card." As everyone knows, many concepts are actually misreading of food nutrition. From today, we have selected several common food nutrition concepts, one by one for your confirmation.

In recent years, fruit and vegetable dry gradually into the public home, from the blueberry dry, dried plum, dried kiwi dry to comprehensive fruit and vegetable dry, not only fragrant crisp mouth, and the name of "keep fruit, vegetables flavor, lock nutrition" Few people eyebrows, and even to eat fruit and vegetables instead of eating fruit, that nutrient intake is more concentrated, healthy. Is that really the case? Reporters interviewed food nutrition experts learned that fruit and vegetable dry mostly low-temperature fried products and add a lot of sugar, eat on the body is not good.

This morning, the reporter visited Chongwenmen, Majiapu and other regions of the department stores, each shopping malls can find the sale of dried fruits and vegetables shops. These shops are more concentrated in the passenger concentration of the location, the sale of dried plum, cranberry dry and apple slices, banana slices and other fruit and vegetable dry. Whether in bulk or packaged products, every 500 grams of the price from 30 yuan to 100 yuan range, a lot of buyers. Bought a pack of banana slices and a bag of West Meijun, Ms. Shi told reporters that every time she went shopping in the mall will buy some dried fruits and vegetables, while eating side to eat, instead of dinner, "I heard that one or two fruit is equivalent to a pound Fruit nutrition, enough. "There are people told reporters that they will focus on the weekly purchase of various varieties of fruit and vegetable dry, and then rely on fruits and vegetables instead of eating fruit," fruit is not easy to save, the volume is large, or eat fruits and vegetables Dry more convenient, nutrition and health.

Can fruits and vegetables really replace the nutritional value of fruit? China Agricultural University, Department of Nutrition and Food Safety, Associate Professor Fan Zhihong said that the comprehensive fruit and vegetable dry is actually low-temperature fried products, that is, its crispy taste is from the fried. 

Although the vacuum fry is not like ordinary fried easy to produce harmful substances, but in the oil absorption of the two almost the same.

Fan Zhihong said that the fruit and vegetable dry "dehydration into dry" is mainly used to fry the way to let the water boiling away, while the oil into the food which, so reduce the water content and make the food dry, but also a substantial increase in fat content The Fruits and vegetables This is less than 1% fat content of the product, but after the fried dehydration, it can be as high as 10%, or even more than 15%.

She introduced, in addition to dry after the fruit of the sugar itself, the so-called "fruit dry" or refueling made of sugar products, sugar has increased a lot, "if not sugar, blueberries, cranberry, kiwi and the like Fruit dry after the taste is too sour, it is not very good to eat. "And joined a lot of sugar, with the taste improved, these" fruit dry "health effects naturally hit a discount, eat up the need for limited.

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