Nutritional value of mushrooms

Time: 2017-09-20

 Mushroom food is the world's most popular a high protein, low fat, natural vitamin foods, is also recognized as the world's "safe food", "longevity food" and "health food." Mushroom food not only delicious, but also nutritious. Rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, a variety of vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and other minerals. These substances are essential for human health and have a special effect on the prevention and treatment of diseases, especially for the healthy growth of children.

Food bogey:


Constipation patients: mushrooms rich in dietary fiber and lignin, can maintain intestinal water balance, prevent constipation. Hypertension patients: mushrooms contain tyrosinase, to reduce blood pressure have a significant effect.  Diabetic patients: mushrooms contain a variety of regulatory functions of vitamins and minerals, can participate in body glucose metabolism, have the role of lowering blood sugar. Mushrooms contain trace elements chromium, is to maintain the normal glucose tolerance indispensable trace elements, but also with insulin with one of the factors that can promote the normal body glucose metabolism.   Osteoporosis patients: mushrooms in the vitamin D than soybeans 20 times higher than the seaweed 8 times. Vitamin D can help the body absorb calcium, is conducive to bone health.     

avoid:Mushrooms should not eat raw, such as mushrooms and mushroom growth period will produce carcinogenic chemicals, must be 70 degrees high temperature cook for 3 minutes to break down.


Cleaning tips:Mushroom surface mucus, sediment sticks on the top, not easy to wash; You can put some salt in the water to stir to dissolve, and then put the mushrooms in the water for a while and then wash, so the sediment is very easy to wash; In addition, before washing the mushrooms must be the bottom of the stipe with more sand Of the hard pedal removed, because this part of the use of salt water is not easy to wash.

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