Halloween party

Time: 2017-10-30
Halloween Party
The Origin Halloween 
In western countries, October 31 is "Halloween night". Halloween is a traditional festival in western countries. Festival night is the most haunted night of the year, so it is also called "ghost festival". It was believed that the spirits of the dead would return to their homes on this day to search for living things, and to regenerate, and that it was the only hope of regeneration after death.
It was a happy time for the children to spend Halloween together, and their faces were full of happy smiles.
Why do you have a pumpkin light for Halloween?

The story of hollowed-out pumpkin is originated from ancient Ireland. There is a man named JACK, who is mean and mischievous and often drunk. One day, JACK got drunk, had met a demon, he put the devil lying to a tree, then carved a cross on the stump, let the devil could not come down from the tree stumps, and put forward conditions, threatening the devil promised him a bargain, demons and JACK reached an agreement, the demon promised to cast let JACK whatever they do, neither legal sanctions against his. JACK died, because he is a man and demons have done deal, and disorderly conduct in the world, so his soul but can neither heaven nor hell, so his undead had to rely on a small candle according to, and guide him wandering in between heaven and earth.

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