Our New Product —— Vacuum Fried Strawberry

Time: 2017-11-01
Three  Feature 
"Three immutable" -- product color, nutrition, taste not change;

There is no decrease, no increase - there is nothing less than water. The product has nothing to increase but delicious.

High nutrition and low fat - adopt the international advanced HACCP quality control system, and use the international advanced double permeability dehydration process to retain the nutrition and trace elements in the fruit.

Non-extruding and non-frying - the process of production process of the product has no expansion process, using vacuum freeze-drying technology to avoid the product frying process.
Nutrition Facts
The nutrition ingredient of strawberry is easy to be digested by human body, absorb, eat more also not to be cool or get angry, it is the healthy food that is suitable for old and young. The carotene contained in strawberries can synthesize vitamin A, which has A nourishing the liver effect. It also contains pectin and rich dietary fiber, which can help digest and smooth defecation. Strawberries have a certain tonic effect on the gastrointestinal tract and anemia. In addition to preventing scurvy, strawberry can prevent and cure arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Strawberry is tannic acid rich plant, in the body can absorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemical substance, have anticancer effect. The United States has included strawberries in the top 10 beauty foods.

intended population

1. The best choice for healthy fashion people and ladies
(1) pure crispy frozen dried fruit is a low-calorie, healthy food. Except for water, it is not different from fresh fruit and vegetables. It contains low heat and is not easily obese.
2) according to the British "daily mail" published a new study in the UK can be parsed, blueberries, strawberries, such as red, blue, and purple berries and vegetables contain antioxidants anthocyanins have the effect that prevent and repair damaged cells.
2. The best choice for children who eat less fruits and vegetables
Pure crispy dry nuts are rich in dietary fiber and a variety of fruit and vegetable nutrition, and are very suitable for children.

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