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Time: 2018-01-18
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Major diet drug

1. Big jujube is rich in ring adenosine phosphate, it is necessary material of human energy metabolism, can enhance the muscle strength, eliminate fatigue, dilate blood vessels, increase myocardial contraction force, improving nutrition, has good effect to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.
2. Jujube has the functions of invigorating qi, nourishing blood, invigorating the spleen and stomach, etc., which is a good health nutrition for patients with weak stomach, deficiency of qi and blood, fatigue, weakness and insomnia.

Reduce age spots.

Protect liver to protect liver
The sugar, fat and protein contained in jujube are the nutrients that protect liver.It can promote the synthesis protein of liver, increase serum red protein and albumin content, adjust albumin and globulin ratio, prevent transfusion reaction, reduce serum glutamate transaminase level.Use red jujube 50 grams, rice 90 grams, boil into thick congee food, it is helpful for the hepatitis patient to raise spleen to protect liver.With red dates, peanuts, sugar every 30 to 50 grams, boiled peanuts, first add red jujube and rock sugar boiled soup, every night before bed, at 30 days for a period of treatment, have certain curative effect on acute or chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.

To be a monk or nun to prevent
Red dates have the function of invigorating spleen and stomach."The spleen is good and the skin is strong", the skin is radiant, the hair has the place of the body, so the red jujube that often eats nutritious and rich can prevent hair to fall off, and can grow the hair of black and bright.

Be good for brain
Respirable blood

It can promote sleep
Red jujube, have the spleen, nourish the blood, anshen function.After dinner, use red jujube to add water and juice to take;Or porridge with lily;Eating soup before going to bed can speed up sleep.With fresh red jujube 1000 grams, wash out to check the meat to pound, add a moderate amount of water to fry, filter the juice, mixed in 500 grams of honey, on the fire to blend into the jujube paste, bottle set aside.Take 15 ml each time, 2 times a day, finish continuously, can prevent insomnia.
In addition, red jujube also has supplemental calcium, prevention and treatment of spermatorrhea, anti-diarrhea and other functions.
Healthcare value
The fruit of the jujube.Also known as dried jujube, American jujube, red jujube.There are a lot of varieties, such as jujube, jujube, jujube, golden date, round red jujube, jujube, cloth bag jujube, brittle date, etc.China's shandong ningyang, henan, hebei, shaanxi and other regions have distribution.When the fruits are ripe in early autumn, they are harvested, washed and dried, or dried.
[performance] taste and temperature.Can nourish the spleen qi, nourish the blood and tranquilize.

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