TTN Wholesale Sale VF Veggie Chips For Vacuum Fried Carrot Chips

Group Carrot
PriceUS $9 / kilogram
Min. Order 1 kilogram
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T, Paypal
Update Time 2017-11-14
Item specifics
Colororiginal vegetable
Raw MaterialIQF vegetable
Total viable count≤50 000 cfu/g
Coliforms≤100 cfu/g
Yeasts≤2000 cfu/g
Moulds≤5000 cfu/g
SalmonellaAbsent / 25g
Staphylococcus aureusAbsent
Storage ConditionTemperature ≤25℃ Moisture ≤50%
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Product Description

TTN 2017 China Carrot Price of Vacuum Fried Vegetable as Healthy Snacks

Method: Vacuum Fried (VF)
Type: Chips, Slice
Flavor: Original, Flavored (honey butter, salty and so on)

VF fruits and vegetables take fresh food as main raw material, after frying and dehydration, keeps themselves color and flavor, taste crispy. 

Detailed Images

VF Fruit and Vegetable Kinds

Apple Slice / Yellow Peach Slice / Green Bean / Taro Slice/ Strip / Sweet Potato Slice / Shiitake mushroom / Purple Potato Slice / Pumpkin Slice / Red Onion Slice / Carrot Slice / Turnip Slice / Lotus Root Slice / Potato slice

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Color is normal; The color,aroma (smell) ,taste and specification are perfect for the product. No visible impurity.

Meets the No.43 regulation of State Bureau of Technical Supervision(CSBTS):quantitative packaging ;or customer's requirements.

Packing & Delivery

TTN 2017 China Carrot Price of Vacuum Fried Vegetable as Healthy Snacks

Normal package:
5 kgs / carton or 10 kgs / carton also can follow your requirement.
Outer package: carton
Inner package: aluminium foil bags or PE bags


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TTN (Tianjin) Metal Import and Export Co.,Ltd

2)What we do?

Focus on food production more than 10 year, your best market analyst!!!

3)What we have?

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How does  vacuum fried vegetable made out?

Our factory

 What's the usage of VF vegetable?

1. Dinner
No more peppers or mushrooms going moldy in your fridge waiting to be used. You don't need to wash, chop, slice, or dice, which can save you a ton of time. Freeze-dried veggies are perfect in soups and stews where they will just rehydrate while the soup cooks. You don't have to purchase and chop up individual items, so it's easy to get a large variety in your meals.

2. Snacks
Freeze Dried veggies, no added fats, salt, or artificial flavoring, could be added easily to homemade trail mix. Some veggies are great to snack on straight out of the can. Of course there are some you probably wouldn't snack on dry like onions or celery or spinach, but others like corn, beans, peas, and cauliflower are great.

3.Vegetable Powders
Want to add the flavor and nutrition of vegetables without your kids knowing they are eating vegetables? Blend freeze dried vegetables into powder and add them to soups, casserole, sauces, ground beef, and whatever else you can think of.

Why you need VF vegetable?

Advantage of VF Vegetable

1. Made from IQF vegetable, without any additives, 100% natural and safe
2. Low calorie, no sugar, no fat, taste crispy, instead of other fat snacks or meal, bring you health and help to control your weight.
3. Usage range is wide, can help you get more clients and market.
4. Keeps original color and flavor, nutrition,taste crispy, make your product more beautiful and add rich feelings.
5. Shelf life long to 18 month, help you save money.
6. Moisture less then 5%, very light, less weight can make your packages very full.

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